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Georgia Industrial Children's Home

Georgia Industrial Home Foundation, Inc. Fund

For many years the Home's Farm provided eggs, meat and produce to homes and merchants throughout Central Georgia, as well as a place for thousands of children to call "home."  More than one hundred years later, that Home is still dedicated to serving abused, abandoned, and neglected children and adolescents.  The problems children face have become more complicated, but Rev. Mumford's vision is evolving to meet those challenges.  The Home today provides a safe and nurturing environment for children with no other place to go, while giving them the opportunities to learn skills that allow them to become productive Georgia citizens.  The Home works on three different levels; Therapeutic Foster Care, Long Term Residential Treatment and Immediate Care for children in crisis.  Staff members work to develop children spiritually, emotionally, physically and educationally and also strive to create a homelike atmosphere for children who have suffered from serious abuse and who are emotionally disturbed. 

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"To protect and care for troubled children and their families in a safe, stable environment while providing quality care to help others help themselves."